Delight thyself also in the LORD; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.
Commit thy way unto the LORD; trust also in him; and he shall bring it to pass.

Ps 37:4-5

        I returned home last night to nearly 75 emails from people all around the world wondering if there were pictures yet and how the wedding went. As for the pictures I only have a few right now .. I did have my digital however, I was pretty busy being the 'momof the groom' to be taking a lot of pictures during the ceremony. I hope to have more soon, for now there will only be a few.

        As you know we live in Michigan and Erin in Ohio. We left as a family on Thursday to spend the next few days there to be close to Erin and her family. We occupied 2 rooms (one for the fellows and one for myself and the girls) one bathroom just would not do come the wedding day (smiles). Friday night we had the rehearsal and then a dinner at A Cracker Barrel Restaurant followed by scrumptious cheese cake. There were about 45 of us. We all said our good-byes there and headed for our rooms ready for sleep and looking forward to the next day. CRAIG WOULD BE MARRIED!!!

        The girls and I all left REAL early to get our hair done and then headed back to the rooms to get dressed and were off to the church to be with Erin and the girls while they all got ready. (our daughter Laura and granddaughter Gillian were also in the wedding. Meanwhile all the fellows had to wait for a while because they were not allowed at the church until later so Erin and Craig would not see each other. (Caleb, Josiah, Joshua and my husband were also in the wedding).

        The photographer was busy with pictures of the girls and Erin and then later with Craig and the fellows just before the service began.

        The wedding was held at Hope Baptist Church and they have a new beautiful building. Erin's mom and some of the ladies did a terrific job of decorating with planters of purple/yellow/white and pink tulips. (the pictures just won't do it justice - you will just have to take my word for it.)

        As the service began, grandmothers were seated and then it was my turn .. there was a last minute change. My granddaughter Gillian decided she was not going to walk down that long isle by herself as part of the wedding party as originally planned. Instead she walked down with ME! To be honest it was nice knowing that most of those watching were watching HER instead of me! LOL. Once at my seat I put her up sitting next to me and the next thing I knew she was sound asleep sitting there. Good thing that she decided to walk with Grandma huh? She would have looked pretty silly sleeping up on the platform.

        Next the fellows all came in led by Pastor Sowell. Craig remained down near the center waiting for Erin.

        Craig teared up as he watched Erin enter and come forward to him. Once at the front Preacher asked Craig .. 'do you take..." and then Erin .. 'do you take.." of course they both said YES. then her father gave her away to Craig, but of course there was the precious good-bye kiss. awwww!

        Preacher then gave a wonderful 'charge' about how IT CAN BE DONE. In order for anyone to make their marriage work they both just need to remember to keep Jesus Christ first in their life and the rest WILL WORK amen and AMEN. Once done they were (according to the rehearsal the night before) suppose to go up and on the platform at this point. BUT NO ... Erin held back Craig's arm and although confused he waited just a second. It was then that a planned song was begun. Erin had written a song for him, sung by her and recorded earlier .. YES there were tears. I will have to get the words and post them here when they get back. !! Here she is holding him back

        Once up on top they did the exchange of vows and rings. Then Erin's dad and I went up and joined them. Preacher explained how together through the years we had trained our children to serve the Lord and had been preparing them for this day. My husband and Erin's Dad prayed aloud, followed by Our preacher, Pastor Noe. (picture to come)

Then came their FIRST KISS .. No, sorry to say I do not have a picture YET, I was standing up there w/o my camera !!! Imagine that! So once again picture to follow.

At this point I would like to say a little about the reception. Erin, her father and brother Adam sang "You're Invited to a Wedding" and Craig and Erin gave a short testimony of their Salvation. Erin's folks and the ladies of the church did a wonderful job of preparing a nice dinner with beautiful decorations.

The cake was DELICIOUS!!

        Please be in prayer for safe travel and the Lord's blessings while they are away on their honeymoon!!! I am missing them, but am quite sure that they are NOT missing us at this point, and who can blame them? (smiles)

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