When you desire to join E-Mail lists and they create an OVERflow to your "inbox", it isn't long before you want to quit the groups just to find 'peace and quiet'. IF you are useing Outlook Express as I do, the following will teach you how to create folders and message rules that will organize your mail and bring a sigh of relief ;-).

       We will assume here that you are suscribed to my 'MOMSFUNNIES" list, (You're not? Shame on you!) Anyway, we will use those settings for EXAMPLES.

The following was writen by my friend Jammie, Thanks Jammie, for allowing me to use it here.

       Once again this is if you are using Outlook express! click on FILE, NEW and then FOLDER Name it 'Momsfunnies' or what ever you want..

To make sure all your Momsfunnies mail goes into that folder click on TOOLS, MESSAGE RULES, MAIL - Ok now that you are there.. hit the new button to make a new rule,

Ok..in the first box you should see a bunch of words and next to them a little box. click your mouse on the box for : Where the subject line has specific words Make sure you check mark the box and not just highlight the words.

Ok ..box #2 , Check mark the box for : move it to specified folder

OK in the last box..you should see words underlined in blue. Click on Specific words and put : Momsfunnies and for Specified folder: click on the new folder you made for " dailyfunnies "

You can do this for all your email that comes in. I have a folder for the funnies, my ladies list, and devotions. You can ever have a folder for Email from Family , you just use another option instead of the subject line. :) YOU CAN DO this! ;-)

******* That's it! *******
Now, on to: To Create Folders and Message Filters Using Netscape Messenger:

To Create Folders and Message Filters Using Netscape Messenger:

A. Creating a New Folder:

  1. Click on the file menu and choose New Folder
  2. In the pop-up window type the name of your folder. Make sure that "create as a subfolder of" is set to inbox. And click ok.
  3. You’ve got the folder, now you just need to Filter:
  1. Creating a Message Filter
  1. Click on the edit menu and choose message filters.
  2. Make sure that "filters for" is set to inbox.
  3. Click on New.
  4. Enter a filter name (for example, the name of the email list, etc.)
  5. Choose match any of the following
  6. If the email you’re getting has something the same in every subject line, choose subject, choose contains, and enter the phrase to the right
  7. Or you can set it by sender or several other factors.
  8. Click more to add more than one filter to a folder.
  9. Then set action to move to and folder to the folder you just created.
  10. To finish, click OK twice (once in both windows).
  11. To edit a filter, repeat steps 1 and 2, but select the filter you want to edit and click on edit.
  12. Then make any changes you want using steps 5 through 9 and step 10 to finish.

Thanks to Becca for this information on Netscape!

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