THE CHRISTIAN & TEMPTATION
         1. Who is the Christian´s chief enemy? 1 Peter 5:8

         2. What should be the Christian´s attitude toward Him? James 4:7

         3. What is the Christian´s main defense against Satan?
              Eph. 6:11,14-17

         4. How do we develop or obtain faith? Romans 10:17
         5. What weapon did Jesus Christ use when He was tempted?
              Matthew 4:4.7.10.

         6. What is one purpose for knowing the Word of God?
              Psa 119:9,11

         7. What keeps the Christian from knowing and understanding the
              deeper things of God´s word? I Cor. 3:1-3
         Note: A spiritual Christian is one who is in fellowship with Jesus and
         led by the Holy Spirit. A carnal Christian neglects God´s Word, has
         unconfessed sin in his life and is a spiritual baby.

         8. Will God allow the Christian to be tempted more than he can
              bear?1 Cor.10:13
         9. Whose fault is a Christian´s defeat? James 1:13-14

         10. If a Christian sins, what is he to do? I John 1:9
              What will God do?-------------------------

         11. Why does God allow temptation? I Pet I :6-7, James 1:2-3
         12. Where can the Christian go for help? Heb. 4:15-16

         13. Is Jesus praying for you? John 17:15

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