THE CHRISTIAN AND WITNESSING
         1. To whom in Antioch was the name Christian first given?
              Acts 11:26
         2. What did Jesus say a disciple of His would do? John 8:31
         3. How can one be sure that his faith in Christ is real? I John 2:5
         4. What 2 things about a Christian make him different from one
              whom is not born again? 2 Car. 5:17

         5. Are all true believers expected to be victorious Christians?
              I John 5:4-5________________Why? John 4:4
         6. Jesus is the true foundation of the Christian life. I Car. 3:11.
              Knowing this, how does one build a house (life) that does not
              crumble? Matt 7:24-25, James 1:22

         7. We know we are saved by faith in Christ alone. Eph 2:8-9 But
              what will naturally follow this salvation? Eph 2:10.

         8. What should be the attitude of the Christian toward worldiness?
              I John 2:15

         9. Does this mean that we are to keep from contact with the world
              ahogether? John 17:15

         10. What does the Bible tell us that Christians are in Acts 1:8?
              In 2 Car. 5:20

         11. What are some of the things God wants us to do in the world?
              MaU. 5:16; Mark 16:15

         12. Should we keep quiet about knowing Jesus as personal
              Savior? Acts 4:20________Why? Acts 4:12

         13. Who should Christians tell about Jesus? 1 Tim. 2:4

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