THE CHRISTIAN & PRAYER
           1. What privilege does a child of God have that an unbeliever does
                not? John 16:24
           2. What is one of the things necessary in Prayer? Matt. 21:22
                Ja. 1:6a
           3. When praying, how should we ask? John 14:13-14; James I :6b
           4. How may we pray with confidence? John 5:14-15

           5. What is necessary to assure us of answered prayer? John 15:7
           6. Name another necessity for answered prayer. I John 3:22

           7. What will keep God from hearing our prayers? Psa. 66:18;
                lsa.59: 1-2
           8. After we pray, what are we to do? Psa 37:7
           9. What good habits should we form in our prayers with others?
                Psa. 5:3; Mark 1:35
                Matt. 6:5

           10. Should there be times when we pray with others? Matt. 18:19;
                Acts 1:13-14;2:42

           11. What are some things we should pray for?
                Maff. 5:44
                Luke 10:2
                James 5:13
                Eph. 6:18

           12. When should we pray? I Thess. 5:17; Luke 18:1

           13. Prayer is mainly asking! In James 4:2c, God says,
                ”Yet Ye -------- ------ Because ye ------- -------
           14. Fill in the Acrostic on prayer as found in Luke 11:19.

           15 What set the best example of a good prayer life? Luke 6:12

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