THE CHRISTIAN & BAPTISM
            1. Who baptized Jesus? Matt. 3:13

                 Was God Pleased? 14-17
            2. Was baptism included in the Great Commission? Matt28:19-20
            3. Did the early church practice baptism? Acts 2:41

            4. What condition must be met before a person can be baptized?
                 Acts 8:12,36-37

            5. Is baptism a sprinkling, a pouring or an immersion in a body of
                 water as pictured in the Bible? Mat.3:16;Jn 3:23;Acts 8:12,36-37
            7. What did Peter do to get the people to follow Christ in baptism?
                 Acts 10:38
            8. How soon after salvation does the Bible teach that a believer
                 should be baptized? Acts 16:14-15;31-33.
            9. What 3 things did many of the Corinthinans do? Acts 18:8
            10. In I Peter 3:21, baptism is a "like -------,-------- and the
                 ---------- of a ---------------- toward God.
            11. In Romans 6:3-5, water baptism is a picture of Christ´s and our:
                 ---------------,------------- and ----------- and also that the
                 baptized believer should walk in -------- of --------- vs.4
                 NOTE: The word Baptize means to dip,
                 immerse or plunge.

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