Why a verse on a graphics page? Well, I have wanted to learn graphics for some time now and believe me it has been fun! But not without a lot of work and practice. Now I know I have not 'arrived' as they say, nor do I claim to be able to create like so many out with a real talent for it. However, I wanted to be able to take what I have learned and use it for God's glory.

       The following sets and graphics were created for FREE use. There is NO LINK necessary, (If you have a graphics link page or you want to use one I will put one on each set as I go, and it is appreciated) BUT it is NOT required. I truly just want to help those that are desiring to create pages to win the lost to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and those that have a ministry to encourage the saints of God.

       These sets are created from either PSP tubes or my own purchased and created graphics. I would love to see how you decided to use them! Again only optional,(smiles) Momof9 You will find 2 headers for each set. The first being what 'led' me to creating it, and another that is a simple Welcome header. They are all done on double borders, just because I prefer them myself - and hey! Im in charge here LOL, Enjoy and God Bless!

How to use Double Borders - Copy and Paste HTML!

Each of these will 'pop up' in a new window:

       From time to time you will see that a set you looked at before is 'no longer' - I have had several people now ask to purchase sets once they see them, when that happens I will remove the set and it will be theirs exclusively. {if purchaced I will re-do header to reflect either your site name OR add something else to personalize}If you are interested in claiming one as your own, please email me and we can work that out. Can't find your EXACT need here? I promise to be more than reasonable if you would like to enlist my help to create a set you need. Just E-Mail me and we can discuss it. It wasn't something that I even considered when starting these, but as the Lord leads I will try to make it all work (smiles).

In the Lord Sets

  • Be Strong in the Lord
  • Purchased 6/03
  • Delighting in the Lord
  • Trust in the Lord
  • And again I say REJOICE
  • Always joyful in the Lord
  • My Strength is in the Lord
  • The above set is still missing from the server loss-if anyone has taken it home with them I sure would appreciate an email from you directing me to it so I can get them back, Thanks!

  • Tell the World Sets

  • Looking Unto Jesus
  • I Walk With Him!
  • At the feet of Jesus!
  • A Merry Heart
  • Just over the Hillside
  • A Just Weight [KJB]
  • Devotional Set
  • He is the Light of the World
  • Daniel 7:27 [KJB]
  • Purchased
  • Call his name Jesus
  • Mom & Children Sets

  • So teach us to number...
  • So teach us(2)UPDATED
  • Proverbs 31 Mom
  • PURCHASED-For this child I prayed
  • Our Responsibility
  • Sister 2 Sister
  • Fruit of her hands
  • He is my JOY
  • She Worketh

  • Word of God

  • KJB 1611
  • Lift up thine eyes
  • Put on the Armour!
  • Lead Me O Lord
  • The Good Fight
  • Humble Prayer
  • PREACH the Word
  • Rightly Divide
  • Author and Finisher
    of our Faith

  • Seasonal Fun

  • SNOW much fun

  • ALSO -- Free Stand Alone KJB Graphics

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    Well, that is it for now, back to the 'paint' board.

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