Not all Culottes are Alike!

Greetings, First of all I want to make this clear, culottes are not just long shorts! The RIGHT kind of culottes do appear as a skirt. In the 20 some years I have been at this I have only ONE time found culottes at a store that were the RIGHT kind. Different size girls can cause problems also. I'm sure you must have seen the ones that are drop waist and pleated all the way around? They are cute for younger girls. They are not however flattering to the figure if you are on the large size (hippy).. although not utterly ugly either. I find that another problem is that they are SO wide legged that they show it all at times.

I have found that the ones you can order in my link below (in my humble opinion) are the nicest there are. Maybe some won't agree, to me these look good on ALL shapes and sizes. Since they are 'created' from the acutal hip measurement they fit nicely and look great.

We need here to examine the reason we believe what we do .. according to the Scriptures we are not to wear what pertaineth to a man amen? Let's look like ladies. Let's behave like ladies! The RIGHT culottes are not pants at all .. they appear full like a skirt there is no division to be seen and do not hug under any areas if you know what I mean. They, like any of our clothing should be worn modestly, with a length that is right when sitting, standing, or bending. Usually a good inch or two below the knees. You are right. some will take this to the limit and wear nothing more than long or baggy shorts .. huge sigh! not much we can do about that.

Culottes can be ordered through here:


I have to say that most times now that our girls are getting older the 'top 4' wear skirts all the time even on our church field days, rollerblading, volleyball, and so on .. Abigail (17) just had a pair made to attend a day at Ceder Point with her youth group. I think the reason for so many wallflowers is because they are wearing skirts that you can not do anything in? I don't know how some even walk in today's skirts LOL. Another reason is that maybe it is new to them. Your/our example is so very important. When I first began I remember watching how others did things .. . Especially with teens that are just starting we have to be careful to MAKE A WAY .. because it is so easy for them to just give up with all the OUTSIDE influence that they have and the NEED they have to be accepted Amen.

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