Here are my Carolers, This year my WONDERFUL mom decided to add to my collection! Each day beginning with December 1st, I would find a gift wrapped and addressed to me and each started out like this: "On the first day of Christmas my mother gave to me" -- each day the 'day' would change of course, well you have all heard of the TWELVE days of Christmas? Not anymore (smiles) there are now FIFTEEN! Yep, for 15 days these gifts kept coming.

        My Mom lives a good distance from me, this is my way of showing her how I chose to display them. Some of the new ones were quiet a challenge, I had already brought mine out and had them set up - so finding a way to make things go well was FUN. MOM, your the best and I LOVE you! And I think I am very safe at saying that E-BAY does too! LOL!!

        I have tried to get as close as I can w/o totally ruining the effect of the 'setting' I tried to create. Above is my 'Street or Park scene' This all 'happens' on the top of my fireplace mantle. Below I will try to point out a few things .. we are starting left to right on the mantle ;-) MOM are you loving this yet?

        Like I said this is going from left to right, on the far left I have my Salvation Army workers, hard to see but the stand/sign/money bucket is there, with lady ringing bell, woman with a Bible, my drummer this year is NEW, the tuba player is a favorite my son bought last year among a few more.. okay moving on... the next picture is just to the right the Salvation Army ..The tall fellow in red, holding a loaf of bakery bread? That came on one of my 'days of Christmas too!. Next pictures.... continuing to move down the mantle...

        The first picture you see here is pretty much the center of the mantle, there is a lamp post lighter there, can you see him? Hey mom, see the two kids on the tobaggan?? Oh yea, and just to the right you can see the Conductor of my choir! Okay moving along to the next picture, the lady in red is new and she is standing next to what I like to call my NANNY, she has not double chins but quadruple, so much fun!

        We are now at the right end of the mantle.. I love my bench, policeman (he is holding a whistle and hiding a gift behind his back, he is not alone ever! His trusty police dog is ever near. See there, right near the end? that is Bob Cratchet carrying Tiny Tim with Mrs. Cratchet beside them. And WAY up top is old Scrooge looking out his window.. for those of you who know the story (and shame on you if you don't LOL) He is looking down the 'morning after' and yelling to that boy down below with the turkey... "Take it to Cratchets'" says he!

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