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Anna's Creative Writing Assignment was to write a short story using conversation...(Oh, I just loved this =).

A Little Barnyard Conversation

It was a bright May day, and Bacon woke early for breakfast only to find that there was none. Bacon was shocked; one of the other animals in the barnyard had stolen his breakfast. He immediately started investigating; nobody had left fingerprints, and he couldn’t question anybody because they were all still asleep. Then a little mouse peeked around the corner and asked, “How do you do?”

“I’m hungry,” replied Bacon hastily, “did you steal my breakfast?”
“No, I didn’t,” answered the friendly mouse.
“If you didn’t, then who did?”
“I don’t know, but I’ll help you find it.”
“I can find my own breakfast,” said Bacon very rudely.
“Oh, okay, my name is Frankie. What is your name?” asked the mouse just as politely as he could.
“My name is Bacon.”
“What a funny name for a pig.”
“No, it’s not! I like my name. I think that Frankie is a funny name for a mouse.”
“Oh, well we all have our opinions, don’t we?” asked Frankie
“I guess so,” muttered Bacon. “I don’t know much of anything until I’ve eaten.”
“That’s too bad. Do you like to play games?”
“Not until I’ve eaten.”
“What about cards?” .”
“Not until I’ve eaten.” .”
“Is that all that you know how to say?” asked Frankie very discouraged. .”
“When a pig is very hungry food is all he can think about, and right now I’m very hungry, and somebody stole my breakfast.”
“Your breakfast wasn’t stolen. The farmer hasn’t brought it out to you yet. There he is, and he’s bringing your breakfast with him.” Bacon hurriedly finished the food that the farmer brought to him, and then Frankie asked, “Now do you want to play a game?”
Bacon replied, “Not until I’ve slept.”
By: Anna 1998

When I first told Anna my plans for this story....It was met with the all to well known."AWWWW MOM, you wouldn't!" I said Yep! You betcha!!! Simple, to the point and humorous. I don't know about you but I found it to be Blue Ribbon material!

I have this E-Mail link set up to go back to Anna! Please let her know what you thought of her story.....! (now be NICE!) lol
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