By Pastor Herbert Noe

"The words of the LORD are pure words: as silver tried in a furnace of earth, purified seven times. Thou shalt keep them, O LORD, thou shalt preserve them from this generation for ever." -- Psalm 12:6-7

     I am going to preach on seven reasons I know the King James Authorized 1611 Bible is the only Word of God. There are probably hundreds of reasons I do not know, but I know these seven.

(1) The Miracle of Its composition.

     One of the main reasons given for all the new Bibles is supposedly because the King James Bible has archaic words and because the English language has changed.

     Not so. The King James Bible was composed at the height of the purity of the English language and It has been the one purifying force as corrupters of our language have modernized it. We do not need to up-date our language! In fact, one of the best ways to find the real meaning of a difficult word in the King James Bible is not to go to a modern version that waters it down or renders it with some modern English word, but to look up the archaic meaning in a good English Dictionary.

     Gustavus S. Paine, in his book The Men Behind the King James Version, states on page 168, "To know that the Bible words were beyond the choosing of the best of them, we have only to look at their individual writing." In other words, they put the Bible in English that they were not capable of writing. That is a miracle of composition!

     What about the composition of the Book of Isaiah which naturally falls into sixty-six chapters with a distinct division between chapter thirty-nine and forty? Isaiah was a model of the entire Bible centuries before It was finished.

     Is it not significant that the center verse of the King James Bible is Psalm 118:8 and that the center words of that verse are "The Lord"? That is not true of other bibles that delete part of Mark, I John 5:7, etc. The Lord is the center of the King James Bible! It is His Bible. He put It together!

     Let us look at one example of how the words in the King James Bible are more accurate when compared to the modern renderings. In I Timothy 6:20, it says in our King James Bible ". . . avoiding . . . oppositions of SCIENCE falsely so called." In the New Scofield Bible, science is rendered knowledge.

     How did the King James translators know that science with its insane evolution and other attacks on the Bible and faith would be such a problem in our day? How could the New Scofield editors be so oblivious that they got rid of the truth? Knowledge says absolutely nothing in the context!

(2) The Majesty of Its language.

     The King James Bible is plain; even blunt when necessary. When describing Babylon, (the mother of harlots) she is called the great whore, not a prostitute! That is clear don't you think?

     Yet, when describing Mary's condition before the birth of Jesus, it does not say "pregnant" with modern bluntness. Instead It says, she "was great with child." How majestic! How could it be better said?

     How crude is the Living Bible with its S.O.B. in I Samuel 20:30 and its description of Baal out going to the toilet when the Baal priests were trying to call fire from heaven in the contest with Elijah?

     The majestic language of the King James Bible is threaded throughout conversation and literature of English speaking people. Who quotes any other Bible but a King James Bible when they are not aware of where their quotes originated? "Weighed and wanting," "in the twinkling of an eye," "a house divided against itself," etc., are expressions used by news commentators, sportscasters, and all other public speakers. I have yet to hear or read such an expression from another bible unless it was some corrector deliberately butchering the pure, majestic words of God.

     Listen to the difference in these verses. "As for me brothers, when I came to you I declared the attested truth of God without display of fine words of wisdom," compared to "And I, brethren, when I came to you, came not with excellency of speech or of wisdom, declaring unto you the testimony of God." The first is from the New English Bible, and of course, the second is from the King James Bible.

     I have never heard anyone address Christians as "brothers." "Brother" to one, but "brethren" to more!

(3) The Malignity of its enemies.

     You can determine the character of a person by who hates him. In the same way, you can define the character of the King James Bible. Westcott and Hort hated this Bible and the Greek text behind it and their work is reverenced by all Bible correctors today. Bible correctors are the enemies of God's Word, whether they think they are or not. Not only are they enemies, but they are followers of the champion and first corrector. Genesis 3:1 is where he first appeared saying, "Yea, hath God said?"

     The steps of Bible apostasy that take over every church, school, Christian organization, and preacher are outlined for us in our inspired Bible.

     First, God's Word is questioned (Genesis 3:1). Young people go away to Christian schools having been saved by believing the Bible. There they learn to question it by listening to a Bible-correcting professor.

     Second, the words of God are retranslated (Genesis 3:2-3). Eve was on the first translation committee in cooperation with the devil. Note that her correction of God's words was to make It say what she wanted It to instead of what It actually said. It was not even a close translation.

     Devil cooperating translations have become more subtile today in the New Scofield, New King James, etc. Eve left out "freely" which denied God's grace. How very instructive!

     How the devil and man hate God's pure grace! She also added "touch" and changed "surely" to "lest."

     Third, the Bible is denied. Eve became completely obedient to the devil instead of God. That is where Christ-denying, Bible-hating liberals have taken our world today.

     With the cooperation of new evangelicals, new bibles, and new fundamentalists, they have quit teaching people to proclaim God's Word and have taught them to be intellectuals that correct it.

     It is one great big devil-inspired movement to rid the world of the King James Bible so that the antichrist can take over!

(4) Its Message to the common man.

     All this bible-selling pitch that says we need a more accurate, clearer, up-dated bible is just so much money-making wind! The reason we have a King James Bible is that holy men, with a burden for the common man to be able to read the Scriptures, were led of God to give us a Bible - a Bible that was not in the possession of the clergy, the scholars, the theologians only - but a Bible for every one! Now, scholars, theologians, linguists, and even preachers are trying to take the Bible from the common man and make the common man subject to the popish translations, scholarship and corrections.

     Well, It is still the Bible for the common man! The preachers who correct It still have to preach It for any results. The schools that mutilate It in classrooms have to make glowing statements about how wonderful It is. They remind me of men who laud their wives but then step out on them!

     How many people do you know who were genuinely saved by the reading or preaching of a bible other than the King James? I will not say there are not any; I just do not know any. Oh, I know people who have made professions from a so-called Living Bible, but I am talking about people who grow and mature in the Lord.

     There is another observation I have made. I do not know anyone who has grown in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ except by believing a King James Bible. I know some students who have gone to Christian colleges and have gotten into much Christian busy-work and others who have become very proud of their education. I have had them leave our church for college, become polished, well-trained academically, and culturally equipped for the work-world by their training, but, after completion of their training, they have not grown one inch in humility, true Godly spirit or sound believer Bible-sense. In fact, in that area, I have seen them go backwards. Actually, I know some who are very well-trained and active in Christian work, that when looking at their lives for real humble faith, would have been better off if they had not gone to a Bible correcting school.

     William Tyndale, whose English translation is the major part of our King James Bible, died as a martyr for giving the Bible to the "plough-boy." It seems to me that the modern translators want It to be their Book. They may not say so, but they are trying it without saying it. Thank God for our King James Bible that is so ingrained into our language, life and churches that modern perverters of the Word cannot completely take It from the common man!

(5) The Might of Its rule.

     Our King James Bible is the Monarch, the Ruler, the King! It rules over all the new translations.

     When a new bible hits the market, a strange thing happens. It is not so strange if one is alert to the fact that it has been happening for decades, but here is what happens. A committee of scholars, maybe as many as one hundred, get together and after years of work they bring out the latest, best, most accurate, clearest, finest translation ever! (Or so the advertisements by the book-sellers say in the periodicals). In order to prove that it is the latest, best most accurate, clearest, finest translation every , they compare it with - guess what? They compare it with the Bible that the latest, best, most accurate, clearest, finest translations that came out last time was compared to - the King James Authorized 1611 Bible. If the King James Bible is so inaccurate and archaic, why not make comparisons to the most recent "best" translation? You want an example?

     Do you think they compared the New International Version to the New American Standard Version? Hardly! They tried to dethrone the King again. But He just will not abdicate! For 375 years He has carried on His stubborn rule. And they all bow to Him, like it or not!

     It rules over Its correctors. Most people who correct It still have to preach It because It is all that will work.

     Occasionally, a preacher comes right out and refuses to use It and uses a New American Standard or some other version exclusively. I heard such a preacher a few months ago. When he got involved in his preaching and quoted some Scripture from memory, he slipped momentarily and quoted the King James and had to stop and correct himself. Too bad he had to go to college and relearn that the Bible he had probably been taught by his parents and church was no longer the right one! However, he will never get totally away from It. In a careless moment the King will control his tongue and he will have to acknowledge who is ruling, whether he wants to or not.

     It rules by recompense or reaping! "Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap." (Galations 6:7)

     Do you think that the King will sit quietly by and be treated in such correcting contempt? No! Thousands go to school believing it and planning for the ministry and then find other fields to work in after graduation because they have lost their Authority.

     Also, hundreds that do enter the ministry, fall into sin and are forced from the ministry because they have lost their Authority! They have polluted the Book with corrections. The results of a life with an impure book, is an impure life! That is reaping!

(6) Its Ministry has been proven for 375 years.

     Which Bible lasts? Which Bible remains the one being used while others are being produced?

By which Bible are most, if not all people saved? Which Bible was the very foundation first of England, then of America, when at the peak of their power? Which Bible sent missionaries? Which Bible was translated into hundreds of languages for missionaries to use to evangelize foreign fields?

     It would seem that fundamental America would wake up! Does not the Bible say not to remove the old landmarks! Can fundamentalists give any valid reason why humanism has taken control of our country? Did we not remove something that opened a door for it?

     This King James Bible and Its ministry is proved in both positive and negative ways. First, the positive. The greatest period of American history -- perhaps the greatest period of world history -- was the growth and prosperity of America.

     Free America fought, farmed and built factories until she became the most powerful and prosperous nation in the world.

     There was a vibrance and moral character in our nation. The King James Bible was believed and Its precepts feared, even by unsaved people (many of whom would look more like Christians than most of our church people today if a comparison could be made). There were great revival meetings, great missionary movements, and the beginnings of the present school movement.

     Now the negative. The movement to correct the Bible, that started a hundred years ago with Wesctott and Hort, would not have made it had it not been taken up by fundamentalists who were tired of being called ignorant and uneducated because they simply believed the Bible . . . the King James Bible! They had to become scholarly and meet unbelieving scholars in the unbelievers' arena.

     All such movements magnify the intellect and not a simple heart of faith. So now, instead of proclaiming a Bible with absolute faith, preachers have been stripped of their Authority. Oh, they have substituted buses and bubble gum, kites and yo-yos, and advertising, and have become prosperous in every way except in faith and soul-stirring, life-transforming, community and nation-shaking revival.

     And God will not allow it! The apostasy of Laodicia is upon us. God and His infallible Words are dethroned in our churches, schools, and in the hearts of men.

     Impending judgment awaits. The Book is still in control, but the world is out of control because It is no longer ministered to by the King James Bible!

(7) The Manner of Its preservation.

     God has really fooled the experts here. Almost 100% of the time in classrooms, periodicals, and pulpits we hear and read that God has preserved His word in a voluminous amount of manuscripts.

     And, of course, the conclusion is that we can be almost certain that we have all the Word of God. Also, it must be left to the scholars, the linguists, the experts, to tell us - us plain dumb people - what the Word of God is!

     Now, God and His Bible say something different! I wonder who we should believe? The Bible says in Psalm 12:6-7, "The WORDS of the Lord are pure words as silver tried in a furnace of earth, purified seven times. Thou shalt keep them, O LORD, thou shalt preserve them from this generation forever."

     What is the manner of preservation? Not scholars, but God! For centuries, God has been keeping His words pure in the furnace of this earth. He has kept his Word through His persecuted people who would die rather than change It and would die rather than submit to the whore church who interpreted It and changed It to fit its awful prostitution.

     Out of that background of persecution came our King James Bible. Check the history of people such as William Tyndale and the Waldenses. God did not preserve His Word in a mutilated manuscript in the library of the great whore in Rome. God's Word has been alive and well in the hands and hearts of His people who were "living epistles known and read of men."

     Strange that some fundamentalists fuss at other fundamentalists for cooperating with Catholics on moral issues (as Jerry Falwell does). Yet, those same fundamentalists that fuss run back to Rome for their manuscripts in the Bible departments!

     Well, God is alive. His Word is alive. That Word is the King James Bible. The proof is in Its preservation. The others come and go. It stays! It needs no promotion, no sales pitch, no modern scholars to defend It. It defends Itself against modern scholarship that tries intentionally or unintentionally to destroy It. Let us love our Bible that saved us. Let our defense be a total submission to Its inspired words that build our character, holiness, and separation. It is not enough to say I believe It. As in past History, It must become our very life.

By Pastor Herbert Noe
My Pastor ;-)

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